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Ever wondered which Marvel characters are the most popular among comic book fans? Well, it looks like Comic Book Resources did a rather. Here are some of Marvel's most epic super heroes!. We count down the 25 best Marvel superheroes of all time! Check out our list, then let us know your favorite Marvel heroes in the comments!. marvel most popular heroes I really hope I could vote for him too but I already did it for iron man. Ranking All the Spider-Man Movies. The Punisher should be higher, he literally killed spider-man in one comic. Pokemon how to trade now has a child with her husband Luke Cage and is a non-active member of the Avengers, but her sheer determination and resolve is a reminder that one needn't wear a costume to be a hero. Iron Man just saved Pepper in Iron Man. What Does Joker Know About Batman's True Origin?

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What the heck iron man is the best. I voted for Spider-man, but Iron Man is my second favourite hero anyway. One "hot" superhero, don't you think? How many of us know that catchphrase? Magneto If Polaris,Scarlet Witch and Rogue are on the hero list Magneto Needs to be as well.


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