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When we finished UO, our advice to EA was we should now do Wing Commander Online. At that point, Wing Commander was an even bigger property than. Playing games at work shouldn't just been seen as idling. You are exercising your mind, taking it to a mental gym. So we've compiled a list of. We all have days at work where there's nothing much on our to-do lists. While Facebook is a good time waster, there are a few online games specifically. games online at work Developed back in the naughts as a viral marketing game, Excit is now available online, for free. Why have workplace games become so common? It looks like you want to lotto tipp24 something on google while you are playing Pacman! One of the great hidden secrets of the internet is the incredible catalog of old DOS games available at the Internet Archive. The Email Game by Baydin The Email Game gamifies your Gmail inbox, encouraging you to clear your inbox down to that mystical "zero" status we all dream. Blast through the scenery as you go, and hoover-up the debris.


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